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This is the personal website of Scott Colby. I am a software developer located in Pittsburgh, PA. You can reach me at scott@scolby.com.

I write a lot of Python, and would consider myself to use it at an expert level. I am also experimenting with Rust, and I really like its philosophy and the speed I can gain with it. I have a smattering of experience with other languages, including x86 assembly, C, Java, and C#.

I do most of my work in a Unix-like environment, and am quite proficient at the command line. My favorite text editor is Vim, although, to be honest, I’ve never tried Emacs…

I run several servers for various personal uses including internal DNS and backups for myself and family members. I consider myself proficient with modern Linux system administration, including containerization. I started years ago with a low-specced consumer desktop and branched out with Raspberry Pis in several locations. Recently, I moved one of the Pis to a collocation center to learn more about that side of the industry. I also just built a new server using an AMD Epyc processor and other server-grade hardware to gain more experience with more “industrial-grade” computing.

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I care deeply about privacy on the internet, and I hold this site to my own high standards. There are no third-party trackers, or, in fact, any third-party resources loaded at all. Additionally, I do not use any JavaScript.

I keep site access and error logs for 30 days, after which I anonymize them by removing the IP address. These de-identified logs are stored for a further 90 days before being deleted.

I use these logs for the following purposes only:

  1. tracking hit counts,
  2. identifying broken links or other errors, and
  3. identifying abuse.

In the first case, only aggregate numbers or charts will ever be shared with any third party. In the second case, the information is only shared for the purpose of fixing the error, which usually does not require use of any personal information from the log. In the third case, information such as your IP address and pattern of behavior may be shared with my web host in order to mitigate the abuse.

Any updates to this privacy philosophy will be posted here.

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The text on this site is set in whatever fonts are available on your system, according to a System Font Stack, at a root size of 125%, whatever that means to your user agent. The text in the main content area is set on a 40rem measure with 1.5em leading, unless your device screen is smaller than that, in which case everything is shrunk to fit.

The source code for this site is available on sourcehut. I write this site in Markdown with Vim and generate the HTML with the Pelican static site generator, a custom theme, and custom Pelican plugins for post-processing the Atom feed and generating Open Graph images based on post titles. The generated files are transferred to my host using rsync. All of the generation steps are performed automatically by builds.sr.ht on each push to the main branch of the repository.